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Espresso is recognised throughout the world as the quintessential Italian coffee.
’Espresso’ means “made to order”, brewed quickly as is typical of this concentrated coffee. Its essential features, the firm crema, full body and intense aroma are the result of the coffeemaker’s pressure extraction system.
Nowadays, domestic espresso coffeemakers enable many Italians to experience each day how the alchemy between the four basic elements — water, temperature, pressure and coffee — produces a perfect result.


Nor is the receptacle holding the coffee chosen randomly. The real Italian espresso should be served in a quality cup, pre-heated at 35-40°C (95-104°F), bearing a truncated-cone shape and a maximum capacity of 70ml (2.5fl oz).

We recommend you use the Lavazza A Modo Mio system to obtain a consistent top-quality result. Nothing is left to chance: from the moment the coffees making up the blend are selected, to the roasting and grinding of the beans, to the creation of the coffee machines and capsules.