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Canto Double Cup

For large office and high-traffic public area
  • Technical features

    power supply 230 – 240 V; 50 Hz
    nominal power 2660 W
    capacity 280 capsules - 650 cups (Ø 70-71 mm) + 300 cups (Ø 57,5 mm)
    capsule management 1 automatic hopper system with single-dose Lavazza BLUE capsules + 1 bean system (capacity 12 L; about 4,1 kg). Each system supplies a dedicated espresso unit, guaranteeing the possibility of dispensing two different types of coffee
    layout espresso in capsule, coffee beans, 5 soluble beverages, sugar, cups and stirrers
    user interface 20 backlit selections with product labels (+2 preselection with sugar)
    2 backlit photographic
    panels delivery area lighting
    other features option: self supplying system with 2 water containers of 20 litres each
    option: video screen kit
    option: doorswitch
    option: connection to payment systems or to a GSM modem for remote management (EVATDTS 6.1)
    width cm 65
    height cm 183
    depth cm 76
    weight kg 170